Monday, April 11, 2011

The Woolloongabba Antique Centre Today

We actually had to take some things out today, so we could move! Here are some photos of what we left.
Lots of new things coming in..... the garage is jammed packed and Roy is busy painting some lovely pieces.

lots of vintage ads and autographs

new cabinet and lovely pink melamine tea set

pretty yellow china

gorgeous framed vintage pinups by Elvgren

I had one just like this in the 70's Malvern Star Dragstar

Stickers still intact!


  1. I have that coffee table in my house right now, AND I had that exact same bike in the 70s too! Even in that colour!

  2. Looking fabulous as always!! The dragster is in such excellent condition,xx Katherine

  3. Booo hooo hooo ... that's the sound of me crying. I always wanted a girls Malvern Star bicycle with a banana seat just like the you've got but was never allowed one (a bike that is) because my big sister fell off her bike and smashed her front tooth whilst my brother had a bingle with a car (unscathed).